What is The Questions of Jesus?

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The Questions of Jesus is an interactive sermon series at the Forest Lake Church during the months of March and April 2013.

The topic of the series is to focus on the various questions that Jesus is recorded in the Gospels as asking during his ministry.

The interactive part of the sermon series is that small groups of people can agree to meet during the week prior to a particular Sabbath to discuss the topic of the upcoming sermon.

You can sign up for a small group in one of several ways: you can be a participant, a host and/or a facilitator. A “participant”, well, they participate in the group gathering. A “host” is someone who is willing to open up their home to host the gathering and perhaps provide some light refreshments (not required but always welcome). And a facilitator is someone is willing to lead out in the group discussion.

Click on the menu items above to learn more, to find the study guides for the series and to register for the small group component of the The Questions of Jesus.

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